LuRong WOD #3

I feel like I should at least write about the third WOD for the LuRong Challenge, even though I feel like I have nothing to say about it, since the day is past.

5 Min Time Cap:

  • Decending Ladder of Hang Power Cleans
  • Ascending Ladder of Shuttle Sprints

The Rep Sequence

Round 1
10 Hang Power Cleans
20 Meter Sprint
Round 2
8 Hang Power Cleans
40 Meter Sprint
Round 3
6 Hang Power Cleans
60 Meter Sprint
Round 4
4 Hang Power Cleans
80 Meter Sprint
Round 5
2 Hang Power Cleans
100 Meter Sprint

Level I (1)

45 lb Hang Power Clean
Shuttle Sprints (10 Meter Increments)

I went on Saturday to get this done, since I hadn’t done it on the day that it was originally scheduled. This wasn’t the Saturday workout that was planned for everyone else, but I thought surely I could do this on my own without being in anyone’s way.  Long story short, I had to wait until everyone else was mostly done with their workout to do mine – while they were watching. No pressure or anything.


Was totally fine for the hang power cleans, but those sprints killed me. I didn’t even really sprint. More like jogged. But after about round 2, I was not breathing well, and I didn’t feel like I could take a second and even swallow, so my throat was super horrible dry and my breathing was hoarse and barky. Ugh.


Then I realized that the time that was written down for me wasn’t correct! So I had to go back to the gym and talk to my coach about it (after having left without telling anyone, we’re glossing over that).


So, WOD #3 ends with 5:10 – which doesn’t bother me at all. Whenever I finish with a time over the cap, I’m never surprised. To try to look at the bright side, it’s only up from here.  Or at least kind of sideways.


I actually did have something else I wanted to write about, but I forgot what it was while I was writing this, so I guess I can write about it later today or tomorrow.


Quietly uttered words

I found this on tumblr today, from JournalMenu:

Quietly uttered words.

Words that just slip out under your breath.

Words that you hardly think about.

Words that you berate yourself with.

“I’m so out of shape”, “I suck at double unders”, “I am such a bad runner”, “I’m so slow”, “I’m so weak”

Soft as whispers, spoken when you see the board, or approach the bar or whip yourself one more time.

Seemingly lost in the clang and bang of the box around you, they seem OK, un-offending even.

They seem insignificant.

But those quietly uttered words are making the bar heavier. They are screwing up your DU timing.

Those little murmurs are like a hand pushing you back while you run. They are constantly changing your standard of “in-shape”.

They are defining you.

They are restraining you, preventing you from breaking free.

They are far more important than you think, and yet we mutter them under our breath with such ease and simplicity.

We rarely realize that we are just breaking ourselves down.

Scolding ourselves with whispers in the wind.

Holding ourselves back with those quietly uttered words.

Today was a horribly bad day. Even by 11 AM, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to Crossfit. Mentally/emotionally, I was already done with the day before noon – I had absolutely nothing left to give. There was no way that I was going to be able to do the 3rd LuRong Challenge WOD. Not without breaking down and crying for reasons other than the WOD itself.

Coming home and reading this right now really spoke to me – I am guilty of saying things like this all the time. I never doubt myself at the bar, but EVERY OTHER THING we do, especially anything to do with running, I am down down down on myself about. It’s easy to make jokes about how out of shape I am, how fat I am, how I can’t do paleo, how I am not good at any of it.

It leaves me wide open to failure and with hardly any room to succeed.

LuRong Challenge WOD #2


I am skipping over the first challenge WOD, since it was a week ago, and yesterday’s was fresh in my mind.

The second LuRong WOD I did yesterday, even though it was scheduled for Monday at my box.  So, I was the only one doing it – I was off in the corner on my own with my phone for a timer while everyone else did the scheduled WOD.

In 12 minutes: 100 burpees, 100 kettlebell swings

Because I am doing Level 1 for the women, I didn’t have to do a press on my burpees, only get into a plank position. My kettlebell was 15 lbs.

Part of my problem with these challenge WODs is that I am scared of them. Even know I know they have different levels, and I know I can do level 1 for all of them and have it still be a challjenge, I feel like it would be TOO challenging for me. I am a fat girl re-starting crossfit, and I have been cheating on the paleo part of the challenge. Of COURSE it will be hard. But I’m psyching myself out. I feel like these workouts are going to be SUPER EXTRA HARD. Which they do seem to be, but also, EVERYTHING at the box before used to be hard. And I was never scared of the workouts. But too, at that time, I was new to crossfit, so it was exciting thinking about what I would do that day. I knew it was ok to be new, and not awesome at everything, and I knew it was ok if we had to moderate the workout for me. I suppose I feel by now that I should be at a higher performance level (however, given my spotty attendance and definitely-not-paleo diet, I can’t be surprised either.)

Anyway, I was afraid of the WOD going into it. However, since I was close to the iPod & speaker for the music, I was able to choose a music channel that appealed to me (Get Up! station, my own custom on Pandora) and just go. The kettlebell swings were, of course, super easy to begin with (15 lbs! Psh!) and I was going with the Brian-recommended 10 sets of each for the first six minutes. The burpees weren’t bad for the first set of 10, but thereafter were much harder for me, even without the press.

Towards the end, I decided to do as many kettlebell swings as I could, so I would at least have fewer reps as points against me. I ended up with 140/200 reps done – 90 KBS and 50 burpees. That added a minute to my time – 13:00 finishing time.

I was having a pretty hard time breathing afterwards, and took a nice long water break. Then rowed 500m for time (2:07 with a #3 difficulty) – that needed to be logged in my WOD book as well – I wonder when we’re going to do that again and compare times.

Did not go to crossfit today. Instead I donated blood (my 11th time at the hospital, not sure of total lifetime pints donated – it would be interesting to know the number). Tomorrow will be the #3 Challenge WOD and it involves shuttle sprints – I am NOT looking forward to it.

(Also, I hope to talk my coaches into taking pictures of me sometimes during the WOD – I have zero action shots of myself whatsoever. I’m sure it won’t be pretty, but it would be nice for the documentation process).

((Restarting food log, from today on – is that something people enjoy reading online, or more of a paper journal thing?))

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

Welcome to Anea Does Crossfit’s inaugural post.

This is the start of my blogging journey, to be kept in tandem with my crossfit and paleo journeys. All three of these have had fits and starts (and restarts, and re-restarts) and I am hoping that the combination of all three (fun journaling activity! Accountability to people besides myself! Camaraderie with fellow crossfitters and/or paleo eaters!) will help me stick to my goals. Because boy, do I need to.

In writing emails to my mother about my experience with crossfit and paleo, it’s come up quite often how easy, in theory, getting fit should be. All you have to do is eat clean. All you have to do is commit an hour a day to working out at the box. That’s it. Pretty easy, right?

If only.

Willpower is pretty hard to get a hold of sometimes, and super hard to hold on to, once you have it. It’s easy to make up excuses (and I do say excuses, not reasons) to cheat on paleo, or to not go to the box. Or or or.

(And I won’t even mention how hard I find the WODs at the box – but that seems easier compared to needing willpower at home in the kitchen. Or on the way home, thinking about how good pizza would be for dinner…)

Also! Not only am I making a commitment to Paleo (again) I am also combining that with the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. Not only is it a challenge to eat super strict Paleo, but it’s also a challenge of WODs during the eight week period! I will definitely write more about that later. I have Things to Say about it.

And I am Anea. You might have seen other things with that alias floating around the web, and probably it’s my blog/etc. that you saw. I am 27, I currently live in Louisiana (I’m originally from Colorado), I have a bobtailed kitten named Fuzzois, and if you want to know more than that, I will put together an About page soon. ’cause everyone loves to read those. Right?